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Fine Wine & Cheese 'What Cheese is That?'

Image of Fine Wine & Cheese 'What Cheese is That?'

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This cheese education and appreciation class is for the Cheese enthusiast who wishes to obtain the knowledge and experience required in order to speak more confidently about the food they love!

This is the perfect opportunity to taste a wide variety of flavours and styles through sampling the 7 different types of Cheese and to have some common myths and misconceptions of the cheese world cleared up once and for all.

Over a 90 minute period, we will taste cheese of various types of milk- goat, sheep, cow and buffalo and experiment with basic Cheese and wine pairings.

This class showcases 10 cheeses and 4 beverages with a glass of bubbles on arrival. This experience is held at the The Passage Bar, Darlinghurst from 1pm-2.30pm. Please see the events page of our website for more times and availability.